FIVE: A Little about Me

I was born on 29/4/1971, at Luton and Dunstable Hospital weighing in at a healthy 7lb 8oz. Born into a working class family My Father also Alan a butcher, the bread winner and workaholic. My mother Karen a house wife, who i would only see for the next ten years of my life.

Growing up wasn't much fun, not really remembering any kind of fun, oh i do remember my mother hitting me quiet a lot, shouting at me she wished I had never been born. Somethings stick in your head when your only seven. My father would come home from work tiered and miserable, we all had to be quiet as the news would be on and he wanted to watch it.

I grew up with a brother and sister, my brother 2 years younger and sister 6 years younger. Yes I was the eldest and didn't I know it.

1981 a year that always sticks in my mind, the year everything changed for me, at the time i thought it was great but looking back it was the start of much unhappiness....Mother had an affair, Father suffering from depression, We where pushed from pillar to post being looked after by all sorts of family that I never knew existed. My father fought bravely in the courts to keep custody of his three children and won against the odds. My mother went about her business, and carried on the affair she had with my fathers best friend.